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A Plantswoman’s Guide to Gardening – Tessa Knott – Glenwhan

September 2nd 2019

News from Galloway, South West Scotland When Mervyn Kessell was last here in the garden at Glenwhan he was very struck by the hydrangeas and how well they blended in with the rhododendrons. Not long after, he suggested I write an article to that effect. This must have been more than a few years ago […]

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Meet Beki Marriott – Head Gardener from Mount Stuart

August 1st 2019

A Journey through Mount Stuart Gardens Mount Stuart is home to over 300 acres of designed landscape and is located on the eastern shore of the Isle of Bute, on the West coast of Scotland. Mount Stuart’s gardens plays host to many spectacular features, including the opulent splendor of the Victorian gothic house built by […]

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Meet Craig Cameron, Head Gardener at Teasses Estate

July 3rd 2019

The gardens at Teasses house have undergone an enormous restoration project since the estate was purchased by the current owners back in the mid-90’s. As with much of the estate, the gardens had disappeared under pasture land for grazing livestock and little else. I like to think that the House and Gardens have saved from […]

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A Plantswoman’s Guide to Gardening

June 12th 2019

News from Galloway, South West Scotland End of May and early June…The most beautiful time of the year, and I wish I could Stop the Clock, well anyway, for a little longer period, at least. Everywhere you look, the Countryside is so beautiful, clothed in the most lovely shades of delicate green young foliage, and […]

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A Plantswoman’s Guide to Gardening

May 8th 2019

Tessa Knott, News from Galloway, South West Scotland When you mention Galloway, many people look puzzled and say ‘Oh is that in Ireland’! Well no actually, we are a relatively little known corner of Scotland, namely Wigtownshire. A hidden place, but a very beautiful and picturesque area of Scotland. In fact, Drummore down at the end of The Mull […]

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Meet Sarah Ramsay – Leith Hall, NTS

February 6th 2019

Sarah Ramsay, Head Gardener, Leith Hall, National Trust for Scotland It is difficult to put my finger on a specific part of the garden at Leith Hall that I love the most – in the midst of the historic kitchen garden on a hot midsummer day (which does make me very happy); the structure and stunning […]

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Meet Mark from Dirleton – HES

September 24th 2018

The weeks of blazing sunshine and long hot days feel a distant memory as Autumn’s grip tightens on the shortening days and awakening chilly mornings. August made the transfer from the drought of July to the rain-soaked grounds of late summer and a welcome relief to the dry borders and arid grass. Pulling the plug! […]

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Meet Brian Sinclair from Stirling Castle – HES

August 22nd 2018

A Long Standing Garden Uncover the history of the iconic Queen Anne Garden with gardener Brian Sinclair Ever wondered how long the Queen Anne Garden has been here? Plant records are sketchy, but we think the space has been a garden since the fifteenth century! We’re on more certain ground when we say the present […]

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Meet Daisy Wright from Dirleton Castle – HES

August 2nd 2018

With the sun beating down, the gardens at Dirleton are the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle and be amongst the flowers. As we hurtle towards August, we’ve taken a look June at Dirleton Castle, when it was hot, but not as hot as July! Personally, I never like to grumble […]

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Meet Mark Gillie from Dryburgh Abbey – HES

July 18th 2018

Near the foot of the Eildon Hills with the River Tweed meandering around it lies the most picturesque of all the border abbeys, Dryburgh. As you stroll through the grounds, stop and listen to hear the birds chirping and see the squirrels jumping from tree to tree. If you are lucky to get there early […]

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